My server won’t start or crashes, what now?

Starting your server is as easy as clicking the Start button. Sometimes however, you might experience issues. Read more here!


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Starting your server on Minefort is just as easy as clicking the Start button and letting the Minefort system do the rest. Sometimes however, you might experience server startup issues or server crashes.

Server startup issues or crashes can be caused by several different reasons. In most instances however, this is caused by a fixable problem in your own server setup or configuration. The best source to find this problem is the log file of your server, which you can find by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Minefort account;
  2. Head to the "My Servers" page in your Minefort Dashboard;
  3. Press the "Wake up server" button and wait for your server to download;
  4. Once you are in your server panel, press the "Files" tab;
  5. Amongst your files, you will find a folder called "logs";
  6. Click on the folder to open it;
  7. Click the file named "latest.log" to open it;

Now that you’ve found your log file, it’s time to read it. Reading a log is not easy, but learning to do so will help you identify problems with your server easier and faster.

Log lines start with the time and log level and look like the following example:

Time           Log level

[18:27:36]     [Server thread/INFO] : Starting minecraft server version 1.16.5

In order to identify problems with your server, you will want to look for errors. These errors can be found in lines with the “ERROR” log level like the following:

[18:27:51]     [Server thread/ERROR] : Encountered an unexpected exception

Usually, the surrounding lines of an error provide you with further information regarding the specific error. Reading these surrounding lines will usually provide you with a good idea of what exactly is wrong with your server configuration.