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Adding Groups and Permissions using PEX



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Adding Groups and Permissions using PEX

PermissionsEx is one of the most widely known permissions manager. Although it may look complex, it's easy once you grasp the concept.

Firstly, in the console, run /pex user (your-username) add permissions.*, then run /pex reload in the console. Now you have the permission to run PEX ingame.


To create a group, run /pex group (group-name) create.

To add players to a group, run /pex user (username) group set (group-name).


To add permissions to a group, run /pex group (group-name) add (permission-node).

To remove permissions from a group, run /pex group (group-name) remove (permission-node).

Using /pex group (group-name) will show a list of their permissions.

Prefixes & Suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes show up in chat when a player speaks. It allows you to see their group.

To add a prefix, use /pex group (group-name) prefix set "(prefix)".

To add a suffix, use /pex group (group-name) suffix set "(suffix)".

To display these in chat, you need 2 additional plugins, Vault and Essentials Chat (or another chat formatting plugin).

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