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Beginners guide to the Multiverse Plugin



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Beginners guide to the Multiverse Plugin

The Multiverse plugin is a powerful tool that allows administrators to create and manage multiple worlds or dimensions within the Minecraft server. It provides a seamless way to create distinct worlds with different characteristics, gameplay rules, and environments, all within the same Minecraft server instance.

Having multiple worlds using the Multiverse plugin in Minecraft offers diverse gameplay experiences, expanded exploration opportunities, and customization options. It allows you to create unique environments with distinct biomes, structures, and gameplay rules. Segregating worlds improves Minecraft server performance, as each dimension operates independently. Multiple worlds also encourage player interaction, collaboration, and participation in special events or challenges.


  • Download the Multiverse plugin from a reliable source, just as on SpigotMC.
  • Place the downloaded plugin file in the "plugins" folder of your Minecraft server directory.
  • Restart or reload your Minecraft server to enable the plugin.

Core features

Creating a New World

Open your Minecraft server console or use the in-game command prompt. To create a new world, use the command: /mv create <world_name> <environment> (Replace <world_name> with the desired name for your new world). Specify the <environment> as "normal" for Overworld, "nether" for Nether, or "end" for The End.

Teleporting Between Worlds

To teleport between worlds, use the command: /mv tp <world_name> (Replace <world_name> with the name of the destination world). Players can use this command to switch between dimensions seamlessly.

Managing Worlds

To list all existing worlds, use the command: /mv list. To set a specific world as the default spawn point, use the command: /mv setspawn <world_name>. To delete a world, use the command: /mv delete <world_name>.

Customizing World Properties

Multiverse allows you to customize various world properties, such as difficulty, game rules, and weather. Use commands like /mv modify or edit configuration files to modify specific settings for each world.

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