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Further protect your Minecraft server with CoreProtect



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Further protect your Minecraft server with CoreProtect

The Core Protect plugin is a powerful tool designed to assist server administrators in managing and maintaining their Minecraft servers. It primarily focuses on providing advanced block and player data tracking, as well as powerful rollback and restore capabilities.


  1. Begin by downloading the Core Protect plugin from a trusted source, such as SpigotMC.
  2. Place the downloaded plugin file into the "plugins" folder of your Minecraft server directory.
  3. Restart or reload your server to enable the Core Protect plugin.

Tracking Block and Player Data

With Core Protect installed and configured, the plugin will automatically start logging block changes and player actions on your server.

To query the logged data, use the /co command followed by the desired subcommand. For example:

  • /co lookup <player>: Look up the actions performed by a specific player.
  • /co lookup <block>: Search for block changes within a specific area or coordinates.
  • /co rollback <parameters>: Initiate a rollback process to restore blocks to a previous state.

Performing Rollbacks

Before performing a rollback, use the /co inspect command to visualize the affected area and confirm the changes you want to revert.

Initiate a rollback by using the /co rollback <parameters> command, specifying the desired parameters:

  • Specify the target area using coordinates, radius, or selection tools.
  • Set the timeframe for the rollback (e.g., specific time or number of minutes/hours/days ago).
  • Optional: Include additional parameters like block types or player names to refine the rollback scope.

Confirm the rollback and let Core Protect work its magic. The plugin will restore the affected blocks to their previous state.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Utilize Core Protect's advanced filtering options to narrow down your queries and rollbacks. Experiment with parameters like specific block types, specific players, or specific actions (placement, breakage, etc.).

Regularly back up your server's database or log files to ensure you have a reliable restore point in case of emergencies or accidental data loss.

Familiarize yourself with Core Protect's permissions system to grant or restrict access to specific commands and functionalities based on user roles or groups.

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