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Protecting your Minefort Map with WorldGuard



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Protecting your Minefort Map with WorldGuard

WorldGuard allows you to create 'zones' in your world that only permit certain players to enter, break blocks, or place blocks (and many other rules). A main use of WorldGuard is to protect areas such as the spawn from griefing.

Creating a Region

Step 1 | WorldEdit Wand

  • Firstly, we need a 'wand'. We can grab a wand by running //wand. The wand allows us to select our region.

Step 2 | Selecting the Region

  • Now, we're going to create an invisible 3D box.
  • Do this by going to the bottom left of the area, and right clicking a block.
  • Then go to the top right of the area and left clicking a block.

Step 3 | Defining the Region

Now that we've selected our region using the wand, we use the command /rg refine (region-name). For example, if we're defining a lobby for our server, we'd use /rg define lobby.

Adding Flags

  • Flags are the permissions that a region has. You can use flags to disable block breaking, pvp, block placing, and many other things. You can view a long list of flags [here].
  • To set a flag, we can run /rg flag (region-name) (flag-name) (deny / allow). For example, if we want to pvp in our lobby regin, we run /rg flag lobby pvp deny.

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