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Securing your Minecraft Server with /whitelist



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Securing your Minecraft Server with /whitelist

Whitelist is a built-in Minecraft feature that, when enabled, only allows a certain list of players to join your Minecraft server. In case of a Minefort server, this forces players to get sent back to the Minefort lobby. This is mostly used on private, friends-only servers.

Enabling & Disabling

To enable the whitelist, use /whitelist on, and to disable the whitelist, use /whitelist off.

It is important to note that server operators will be able to join the server regardless of if they are on the whitelist or not.

Adding & Removing

To add players to the whitelist, use /whitelist add (player), and to remove players from the whitelist, use /whitelist remove (player).

You can also view which players are on the whitelist by using /whitelist list.

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