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Skript - 5 Ways to Improve Your Minefort Server



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Skript - 5 Ways to Improve Your Minefort Server

In this blog post, we'll cover 5 different features that you can code in Skript that will make your server stand out.

1 | A Welcome Message

One way to make your server stand out to new and existing players is by creating a custom welcome message that gets sent to the player when they join the server.

on join:
	if player has not joined before: # new unique player
  		set join message to "Welcome %player% to the server!"
	if player has joined before: # existing player
    		set join message to "Welcome back %player% to the server!"

In the code above, it will send a different message depending on whether the player that joins is a new player, or an existing player.

2 | A Scoreboard

Another way to make your players stand out is by creating a custom scoreboard. This script will require an addon called skBee [download].

on join:
	set title of player's scoreboard to "My Server"
    	set line 2 of player's scoreboard to "Line: 2"
    	set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "Line: 1"

// Alternatively, use a function which will let you update the player's scoreboard when you need to.

function scoreboard(p: player):
	set title of {_p}'s scoreboard to "My Server"
    	set line 2 of {_p}'s scoreboard to "Line: 2"
    	set line 1 of {_p}'s scoreboard to "Line: 1"

on join:

In the code above, the first code snippet will set the player's scoreboard when the player joins and won't be updated again. We set the title, then the lines of the scoreboard. In the second snippet, we've put the code into a function, allowing you to call the scoreboard(player) function which will then update the scoreboard. This is useful when you add variables to lines which will need to be updated when the variable is updated.

3 | A Custom Tablist

The tablist is the list that shows online players. You might not know this, but you can modify the header and footer text, and also modify the actual display of the players' names.

on join:
	set player's tab list header to "Tab Header"
    	set player's tab list footer to "Tab Footer"
        set player's display name to "&c%player%

In the code above, the lines 2 & 3 set the player's tab header and footer to different text. You can add multiple lines, colours, and add expressions such as %player% and other variables. The last line then changes the player's dispayname in tab to red, &c. (list of colour codes).

4 | Custom Staffchat Command

All servers need a way for staff to communicate privately with eachother, and unfortunately Minecraft doesn't have one built in - that's why creating a simple /staffchat command is so useful.

command /staffchat <text>:
	permission: staffchat.use
        	send "[STAFFCHAT] %player%: %arg-1%" to all players where [input has permission "staffchat.use"]

In the above code, we create a command that accepts one mandatory string argument, and where the player needs the permission staffchat.use to both use the command and see the messages sent. Although it may look complicated, the send line simply sends a message to all players on the server that have the required permission. In the text, it displays the player (the person who ran the command), and the text they input (arg-1).

5 | Custom Broadcast Command

Although super simple to create, a sure way of making your server stand out is by creating a broadcast command.

command /broadcast <text>:
	permission: op
    		broadcast "Server Alert! %arg-1%"

In the code above, we've created a custom /broadcast command that accepts one mandatory string argument. In the permission: option, we've also made it so only server operators can run the command. Then, it broadcasts "Server Alert! My Text". You should modify the broadcast message to make it look fancy by adding colours or other things.

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