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Speed up your server with ClearLagg



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Speed up your server with ClearLagg

The ClearLagg plugin is a popular tool designed to optimize server performance and reduce lag in Minecraft. It provides various features and functionalities to help manage and clear entities, such as mobs, dropped items, and other entities that can contribute to server lag.


  1. Begin by downloading the ClearLagg plugin from a trusted source, such as SpigotMC.
  2. Place the downloaded plugin file into the "plugins" folder of your Minecraft server directory.
  3. Restart or reload your server to enable the ClearLagg plugin.

Understanding Entity Clearing

ClearLagg primarily focuses on removing excess entities that contribute to server lag.

Entities such as mobs, dropped items, projectiles, and other entities can accumulate over time, impacting server performance.

ClearLagg provides automatic and manual entity clearing mechanisms to keep your server optimized.

Exemption List

ClearLagg allows you to exempt specific entities or regions from the clearing process.

Add entities or regions to the exemption list in the ClearLagg configuration file (Exempt important entities or protected areas that should not be cleared).

This ensures that essential entities or regions are preserved while excess entities are cleared.

Performance Monitoring

ClearLagg provides performance monitoring tools to assess server health.

Monitor key performance indicators, such as TPS (Ticks Per Second) and entity counts, to identify potential lag sources.

Analyze the performance metrics to make informed decisions about optimization and entity clearing.

Further Features

  1. Hopper and Redstone Optimization: ClearLagg offers optimizations for hoppers and redstone contraptions, reducing server lag caused by excessive redstone activity and optimizing hopper functionality.
  2. Item Compression: ClearLagg includes item compression features that condense stacks of similar items, reducing the number of items in the server's memory. This optimization helps improve server performance and reduces potential lag caused by excessive item counts.
  3. Prevent Entity Spawning: ClearLagg provides the ability to prevent certain entities from spawning
  4. Ender Pearl Teleportation Limit: ClearLagg allows server administrators to set a limit on the number of ender pearls players can teleport with in a specific timeframe. This helps prevent excessive ender pearl usage, which can cause lag and unbalanced gameplay.

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