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Top 10 plugins you NEED to have on your Minecraft Server



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Top 10 plugins you NEED to have on your Minecraft Server

When running a Minecraft server, choosing what plugins you have and how they are set up is essential to the success of the server. Choose bad plugins that lag the server or that you don’t know how to use and the server will be a disaster. Choose good plugins, however, and it’s much more likely to be successful. This is a guide to help you choose the good plugins for your server. Here are the top 10 plugins you absolutely need to have on your Minecraft server.

10. VotingPlugin

VotingPlugin is an advanced vote listener. It allows you to give rewards for players voting on sites and hooks into VotifierPlus. It even has sound effects! Voting is extremely important for any public server, and this plugin helps you incentivize players to vote.

9. Holographic Displays

Holographic Displays uses invisible armor stands and name tags to create floating text that all players can read. If you’ve ever seen something like this on a server like Hypixel, it was probably this plugin. This plugin is a must-have for any public server.

8. NoCheatPlus

NoCheatPlus prevents cheat clients from exploiting weaknesses in Minecraft or its protocol, making your server safe. It covers a large range of cheats including flying, speeding, duplicating, inventory hacks, and more.

7. ClearLagg

ClearLagg is the best lag/exploit prevention plugin out there. It’s entirely customizable and definitely a must-have for any Minecraft server.

6. CoreProtect

CoreProtect is a data logging and anti-griefing tool. It allows you to roll back your server in case of massive griefing, corruption, or any other reason, and it doesn’t even affect your server's performance!

5. VotifierPlus

VotifierPlus connects your server to voting websites, allowing players on your server to vote, moving your server up, and gaining you more publicity. It also allows other plugins to hook into it to allow you to give your players rewards for voting!

4. WorldEdit/WorldGuard

WorldEdit is a plugin that allows you to build massive structures in half the time. It uses setblock commands to allow you to place large amounts of blocks, paint things, and randomize them. Anything you can dream of building in Minecraft can be made easier with WorldEdit. WorldGuard uses WorldEdit to create regions that players can be given access to or not. It will prevent unwanted players from entering or breaking anything in a region. Absolutely needed for any public server.

3. Vault

Vault is a permission, chat, and economy API that gives plugins easy hooks into these systems without having to hook or depend on each individual plugin themselves. In other words, it allows things like LuckPerms, EssentialsX, VotingPlugin, and many other plugins to connect to each other.

2. LuckPerms

LuckPerms is the ultimate rank plugin. It allows you to create ranks with different permissions, looks, and colors and is extremely customizable. It even has a web dashboard, allowing you to configure everything about the plugin on a website.

1. EssentialsX

EssentialsX is, well, essential. This plugin allows you to do a multitude of things, including moderation, command shortcuts, and even economy. Many other plugins use EssentialsX as a backbone as well.

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